• THU 22
  • FRI 23
  • SAT 24
  • SUN 25
  • MON 26
    • Andorra
    • France
    • Spain
  • 865.23km / 537.63mi   (239h)

GR11 is a long distance route located in the Spanish Pyrenees. The route goes from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea crossing the whole Pyrenean mountain range.

Although there are stretches where signposting is scarce, the route is marked with the typical paintings of the GR paths, two horizontal stripes, one white and the other red.

The route passes almost every day through some small town and there is plenty mountain refuges allows, if you want, to sleep every day in a accommodation. To fully enjoy it is advisable to travel autonomously with some kind of tent.

From small mountain villages to the splendor of the natural parks of the Pyrenees, the GR11 is an unforgettable experience.