"Digital Hiking Guide" is the proposal of HIKEORAMA as an assistant in long distance routes.

It includes in a single application all the necessary information in your routes. Maps, meteorology and information of all the points that you will find along the way. All this presented in the most accessible possible way.

It will allow you to position yourself on the route and will help you to take better decisions.

  • Dark theme

    Use the night theme in all application views.

  • Geolocation

    Locate yourself on the route at any time and in any of the application views.

  • List view

    The list view allows you to access all points of interest sequentially, being able to see how far each point is located.

  • Manual controls

    Use manual controls when the screen is wet.

  • Map view

    The map view allows you to visualize the points and the route over a cartographic base allowing you a basic navigation.

  • Offline data

    Enjoy all the information without an internet connection. You will save battery by turning off the phone radio.

  • Point filter

    You can filter the data set by point type.

  • Points of interest

    Check all the points of interest on the route. Water sources, streams, camping sites, refuges, huts, camp spots etc...

  • Profile view

    The profile view allows you to instantly recognize the coming elevation gains you must expect and display the distance to any point.

  • Search by name

    Search the dataset by point name.

  • Units

    Display the data in the international metric system or in the imperial system.

  • Weather forecast

    Access the weather forecast along the entire route with automatic updates.